Unearthing the magic of gems together

At Gem Cottage, we have a deep-rooted love for gemstones that dates back to our origins in the lush landscapes of Sri Lanka, where these precious stones hold a rich cultural heritage.

Our founder, Ishak Lebbe, first developed his passion for gems while pursuing his Masters in Anthropology in British Columbia. Even after returning to Sri Lanka, where he worked as a government researcher, Ishak continued to travel to Canada and the US to trade in sapphires.
In 1988, he took a leap of faith. He followed his heart and founded Gem Cottage, turning his love for gemstones into a thriving business.

Today, Gem Cottage is a 2nd generation, award-winning gemstone trading company, operated by Ishak and his son, Omar. We are proud to offer a diverse selection of the highest quality gemstones on the market.

Our Values


We take utmost care from order to fulfillment


We like keeping things real


We conduct business morally and dutifully

Customer Service

We are committed to customer satisfaction


What we do, we do well


We conduct business morally and dutifully

Our Awards

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